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  • prompt: (Genin) While Sakura is spending the day with Tsunade, Kakashi give Sasuke and Naruto “the talk” about “hormones” and kakashi somehow brings up Sakura

Pffft, Kakashi is the best person to give the talk to xD I really wish Kakashi had given his boys the talk about puberty and hormones. You think they will make a filler episode about it..? Since they basically make fillers of everything else? Enjoy, you lovely anon~!


"So today…both of you boys are thirteen, isn’t that right?" Kakashi muttered as he fanned himself with his orange book in the summer sun, looking at Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto with his only visible eye.

"Yeah," Naruto blinked curiously. "Oi, Kakashi-sensei, where’s Sakura-chan?"

"She’s with the Hokage right now, and will be getting the next lessons with her while I do mine with you two nutbags," Kakashi smiled critically. "It’s about time I give you…maturing young adults an important lesson about growing up.”

"What in particular?" Sasuke asked with an uninterested roll of his eyes. "We learned about this back in the academy about puberty and maintaining a healthy diet and all that…"

"No, no. We won’t be talking about that, Sasuke," Kakashi chuckled with an amused glint in his eye. "Today, my two little shitheads, we will be talking about hormones."

Both of the two boys looked at their sensei with a confused expression. They glanced at each other warily before looking at him again with narrowed eyes, waiting for the lesson to begin.

Kakashi settled in the shade under a tree and pondered how to start. “When you guys are done with puberty, which will be a bit later in your teens, you will encounter an event in your lifetime when you will get…cravings.”

"Food cravings? ‘Cause I’m gettin’ that right now," Naruto laughed with an amused grin. "See, Teme? I’m getting mature faster then you!"

"No, no, this is totally different," Kakashi shook his head. "When a boy becomes a man, he starts to notice things about women, you see? Take Sasuke for example.”

"Hn?" Sasuke’s head snapped up.

"Yeah, take Sasuke as a ‘man’, and he just got done battling for a long time and he is all tired and worn out," Kakashi smirked under his mask. "Now, you’re entering a spring-hotel to rest up and get clean, and Sakura walks in with you because she’s on your team!"

"Wait, Sakura-chan?" Naruto blinked.

"Yep. Now, Sakura pulls off her jacket and bloodied protectors," Kakashi slauntered next to Sasuke, who was looking down and his bangs covered his eyes, "and you see how hot and sweaty she is; she’s still out  of breath from fighting and her clothes are just constricting onto her form - by this time, Sakura’s body would have matured into a ‘woman’, and you take notice to it.

"As you look at Sakura, you suddenly get this weird feeling inside your stomach," Kakashi said with a good nod, feeling proud of himself with this example. "It’s an odd feeling, and it would make your hands sweaty, your throat tight and your head feeling fuzzy… nothing makes sense to you anymore."

"What happens to Sasuke-teme then, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked with an eager look. 

"Our little Sasuke-chan becomes…horny.”


"WHAT?!" both Naruto and Sasuke screamed at the top of their lungs, their faces becoming red with anger and embarrassment as they rolled away quickly from Kakashi, who was laughing with joy.

"What the hell, Kakashi!" Sasuke hissed, his Sharingan visible.

"THAT’S SAKURA-CHAN, YOU DIRTY PERVERT! YOU’VE BEEN READING THOSE ICKY BOOKS FOR TOO LONG, YOU ICKY PERSON!" Naruto wailed in misery as he huddled into a ball and cried out for his poor female teammate.

Kakashi chuckled as he leaned back and flipped his book open to the last page he was on, sighing with satisfaction, he knew that he would inform the Hokage that he gave his boys ‘the talk’.

Just like Minato-sensei did to Kakashi and Obito when they were kids.


Because boys react in the most funniest way when they learn about getting their ‘little buddy’ all excited c: And the SasuSakuness is not going to slip through here that easily~ Wouldn’t it be nice if Sasuke was like that after the Shinobi War? xD Hope you like it and have a wonderful day! Prompts are open!

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